My approach is about building on your strengths.
I believe in your ability to heal, resolve issues, and lead a life in which you feel empowered and fulfilled.

I work from an integrative perspective, using:

Humanistic Psychology: values the whole person, and the uniqueness of each individual. It believes in the capacity of self-healing and the importance of having a strong therapeutic relationship.

Mindfulness practices: learn to cultivate inner calm by learning how to be present in the moment.

Cognitive approaches: set goals and analyze how the past influences the present.

Art Therapy: the creative process and the resulting artwork are used to explore feelings, manage emotions reduce anxiety and increase self-esteem.

DBT: learn skills to regulate difficult emotions and tolerate distress more effectively.

Relationship Theories: Our early relationships and experiences shape our sense of self and influence how we make meaning of our world. We will explore the relationships with others who have influenced your sense of self and how you interact with the world today.

 Together we will customize your therapy to fit your needs.